EC Virtual FREE Trial

In order to sign up for your FREE trial lesson with EC Virtual, simply let us know when you’d like to attend.

Trial lessons for agents take place every Thursday and are available at 01:00, 09:00 and 17:00 Central European Time (CET), this is the same time as Paris, Rome, Berlin and Madrid.

If you would like to book a trial lesson for your students, please direct them here

They will be 30 minutes long and an introduction on what to expect during an EC Virtual lesson.


Central European Time 01:00 09:00 17:00
Paris 01:00 09:00 17:00
Moscow 02:00 10:00 18:00
Riyadh 02:00 10:00 18:00
Tokyo 08:00 16:00 00:00
Rio 20:00 (day before) 04:00 12:00

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